Bolton Wanderers is a professional football club based out of Bolton, England. The club is presently competing in the English Championship, which is the second tier in the entire English football system.

The First Division

The club was formed in 1874 but was known by a different name back then. It was called the Christ Church Football Club. The club changed its name just three years later to Bolton Wanderers. They were a part of the founder members of the Football League in England in 1888. They have spent the most number of seasons in the top flight without actually winning the title.


Bolton was very successful as far as the league cup was concerned, winning it thrice in the 20s. You could compare this to winning a huge casino bonus at an online casino. But, unlike casinos, the prize here isn’t just monetary. There is a lot of pride and glory involved as well. When you win big at a casino, you would go all out letting everyone around you know about how much you won. But, when a football club wins big, you can amplify the happiness by thousands since it will be an entire town that’s celebrating the success.

They won the FA Cup a 4th time back in 1958. They then hit a tough patch, and by 1987 they were in the 4th division of the Football leagues. They managed to get their status as a top-flight club back in 1995 after being out of the top league for 15 years. During this period of success, they managed to qualify twice for the UEFA cup.

Never Say Die

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