The History of Bolton Wanderers

While football fans know about the current status of Bolton Wanderers as well as what they’ve done over the last few decades, even die-hard fans of the club don’t really remember much of what happened before that. So here’s a quick refresher course for Bolton fans.

Christ Church FC

The club was founded in 1874 at Christ Church. It wasn’t called Bolton Wanderers back then; it was called Christ Church FC. The club only got its current name three years later after a dispute with the vicar of the church at Deane Road where the club was operating. The name was chosen because they had such a hard time finding a fixed round having used three different venues in their first four years since inception.


From 1935-1964 they stayed in the top flight of English football under Nat Lofthouse. They never managed to win any top division titles during this time though.

Hopes were quite high in 1978 when Bolton won the 2nd division and made a comeback into top-flight football. But, they only managed to stay there a couple of seasons before being relegated once more.

Despite their best efforts, Bolton couldn’t make it back to the top-flight in the next season, and they had to wait till 1995 to make it back to the Premiership. They also made it to the final of the League Cup in that season. Unfortunately, they lost 2-1 to Liverpool. They were relegated once more this season, but made a quick comeback in the next season itself. They managed to win the Division One championship once more, and this was the first time they finished at the top of a division since 1978. This is when they also moved to the Reebok Stadium. What happened after that is something that all football fans know about.